Kelsey Gray Events


Brand Identity Design, Custom Illustration


Kelsey Gray Events is a certified wedding planner, florist, and event designer based in Nashville, Tennessee. When brainstorming the brand direction for Kelsey Gray Events together, Kelsey told us a story about one of her favorite childhood books, "Miss Rumphius," about a lady who planted Lupines everywhere to make the world beautiful. Ever since then, the Lupine has been one of Kelsey's favorite flowers. Because Kelsey often incorporates her floral work into her wedding and event designs, she wanted to feature the Lupine flower as the main imagery in her branding.




All of our branding clients are given a comprehensive brand identity guide at the end of their project. Here’s a sneak peak at the pages inside Kelsey Gray’s brand identity guide, which Kelsey uses as a rulebook for how to apply her branding in marketing and online.

I spent a long time procrastinating on purchasing a branding package. One concern was that I really just wanted a logo, and I wasn’t so sure that all the “extras” would be useful or worth the cost. I also thought that I needed to know exactly what I wanted in a logo, but I had no idea what I wanted. Finally, in desperation, I turned to Foxtrot Branding.

Amanda addressed my concerns and did an amazing job with the entire project. I knew exactly what I did not want, and she was able to ask the right questions to discover the perfect fit for me, which was a brand and logo that was better than I ever imagined. She was great at working with me, accepting feedback, and tweaking things along the way, which is great because another fear I had was that I would pay a small fortune and then be stuck with a logo I hated. The package included an in-depth branding guide, which helped me figure out to do with all those “extras,” which turned out to be not so extra at all, but truly an integral part of the design.

I am absolutely head over heels for my new logo and brand from Foxtrot Branding. If I had known up front how much I would love this design, then I would have paid a lot more for it. It was not only worth every penny but was a great long-term investment in my own success.
— Kelsey of Kelsey Gray Events