Foxtrot Branding

Hello There!

We’re Cassidy and Amanda, the co-founders and creatives behind Foxtrot Branding. When we met each other, we realized that Amanda's design style and entrepreneurial ideas perfectly compliment Cassidy's photography and web design background, and so we merged our services to create Foxtrot Branding. When it comes to business, we value thoughtfully designed brands that turn your prospects into paying customers. We don’t just design “pretty things” — we believe in having a problem-solving mindset when creating strategically branded visuals for your business. Are you wanting to change the perception of your brand to one that is reliable, professional, and reaches your dream customers? Are you hoping to upgrade your prices and offerings but need a refined look to reflect the new you? We know how to help you reach those goals with our skills in Brand Identity Design, Website Design, and Brand Photography. Whether you’re ready to invest in one of our services or several, we are here to meet you where you’re at in your business and lead you to where you want to be.



Co-Founder & Web Designer/Photographer

Hi, I’m Cassidy, photographer and website designer at Foxtrot! I'm a Cookeville native who loves spending time with my husband and cat, leading worship, and pursuing my creative passions. I like drinking black coffee in the morning and enjoying cleaning my house with my spare time (you may have guessed that I’m an enneagram one). From a young age, I've absolutely loved dreaming up the best ways to help businesses communicate themselves to the masses, and I want to help YOU reach your dream clients with gorgeous visual branding.


Co-Founder & Graphic Designer

I’m Amanda Kail, Tennessee-based Graphic Designer and founder of Foxtrot Branding. I'm a small-town southerner with big business ideas, and I love helping brands tell their story through clever & intentional design. Most days when I’m not working or at home snuggling my two cats, I’m exploring new cities, cooking new dishes, playing Settlers of Catan with friends, or outdoors enjoying nature. I love exploring other forms of using creativity besides design; I dabble in weaving, painting, pottery, and photography.


What’s behind the name?

As a child, Amanda and her friends always loved coming up with silly nicknames for each other. One day, when deciding what Amanda’s and her friends’ secret “spy” names would be, they decided Amanda would be known as “Foxtrot.” Today, the name Foxtrot Branding carries much more meaning behind it than just a childhood memory; We love the name Foxtrot because it reminds us to always implement quick wit, clever solutions, and unique creativity in all we do.


There are 5 little foxes hidden throughout our site. Can you count them all?

Hint: Our logo at the top and bottom of the website only count once each!