Knowing When To Outsource Branding


Hiring a designer for professional branding is a big decision. It can be difficult to know when it’s the right time in your business to take the leap and invest. Yes, it’s a big investment on the front end, but it’s worth every penny, as your designer will be able to guide you in building an intentional and strategic brand for your business, making you think outside of the box in ways you might not have done before. We completely understand that this is a big decision, which is why we’re going to share with you the most important factors to consider if you’re thinking about hiring a designer for your branding, and deciding when to take action.

Are you at the right stage in your business?

First, you need to consider the type of business you own, and your business’s trajectory. Is it a brand new startup? A side hustle that you are going full-time with? A reputable business that’s been around for years? There’s no formula for figuring the exact point at which you should outsource branding, but there are some key questions that you should ask yourself to figure out if now is the time:

  1. How is your current branding doing? Does it look outdated? Is it nonexistent?

  2. Have you already figured out the basics about your brand? Before hiring a designer to brand your business, you must identify your target market, your ideal client avatar, your messaging, values, vision, and voice. Need help with this? Download our free “Guide to Defining Your Brand”

Your Time Is Valuable

Your time is the most valuable currency you have in your life, and you need more time to dedicate to building your business and keeping the money flowing. Unless you are a graphic designer yourself, you likely don’t have much knowledge in branding or digital design, and attempting to do your own branding would ultimately end in you hiring a professional designer to re-do what you started. Or, maybe you do have a background in design and have a clear vision of what you want, but you hire a designer anyways to get the job done efficiently while you work on other things.

Think about these questions when evaluating if branding is something you could do yourself, or if it’s something you should outsource:

1. Do you have the ability, skillset, or time to create branding in-house?

2. How could outsourcing professional help, rather than attempting to do it yourself, improve your business’s success? (Not sure how professional branding can help? Read our recent post “Why Branding Is Essential For Your Success”)

The Financials

For many business owners, cost is the biggest concern when outsourcing their brand design. This is a very legitimate concern, as it is a considerable investment. However, it’s essential to compare the financial cost of branding to the value and return on investment that great branding will offer your business. Outsourcing your branding by partnering with a professional designer helps you attract your ideal clients/customers, set you apart from your competition, and establish your brand as a trust-worthy business.

Figuring out your budget is a big part of determining if you’re ready to outsource, and we talk in more detail about determining your budget in our other post “How To Choose The Right Graphic Designer For Your Brand.” Once you’ve figured out what your budget should be for brand design, take time to figure out if outsourcing branding is something you are able to invest in now, or if it is something to set a goal to save money for. We always tell people “you get what you pay for” when it comes to branding, so don’t skimp here. If you can’t afford your favorite designer just yet, wait and save up your money until you can.


In Conclusion

When considering whether or not you are ready to outsource professional branding for your business, be sure to evaluate where you are at in your business now, if you have the time or skills to do it yourself, and figure out your budget. Every business should invest in professional branding at some point in their beginning stages; It’s just a matter of figuring out if you are mentally and financially ready for it now, or if it’s something to work towards in your future.

Think you’re ready to outsource your branding? We would love to be considered for your project! Check out our portfolio or contact us to discuss your project. We would love to chat!

Cassidy Phillips